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Learn Surfing in a Daytona Beach Surf Camp

The BEST surf camps for learning how to
surf in Daytona Beach, Florida!

Surf Camps in Daytona Beach
Start your Daytona Beach surf camp adventure today!
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At Surfari Surf School we offer the best Surf Camps in Daytona Beach possible. We make learning to surf at our camps both fun and safe for everyone. Surfari offers Daytona Beach surf camps on the beach at Ormond Beach, Florida. Stop our school location to discover your surfari camping adventure today!

We're dedicated to teaching you how to surf. If you want to join a learning to surf camp in Daytona Beach you've come to the right place. We have all the latest equipment. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions for Daytona Beach.

Our Surf Camps are Value Packed!

    • Free use of surfboard and leash
    • Free use of wetsuit and rash-guard t-shirt
    • 1-hour of practice time after camp
    • Water, bathrooms, lockers, security, and excellent customer service in the surf shop

Surfari surf camps in Daytona Beach are for people of all ages. We group students according to their ability using the buddy system. Campers enjoys a 4:1 student to instructor ratio and surfs with a partner while the surfing instructor coaches and helps you catch the best waves. The instructors will teach you all the skills you need to know to have fun catching waves and surfing in Ormond Beach. By the end of the week of our surfing camps, riders are surfing better than they ever have!

(Monday - Friday)

9am - 12:30pm (daily)

Type of Surf Camp Price
Kids Surf Camp: $225/person
Teens Surf Camp: $225/person
Adults Surf Camp: $225/person

Get started with your Daytona Beach surf camp adventure below:

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You will learn to surf guaranteed!

Quality Guaranteed by Surfari Surf School

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Surfari Surf School offers surf camps in Daytona Beach, Florida. Learn to surf at a surfing camp!
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